Quantifi Photonics is Partnering With Ayar Labs to Advance the CW-WDM Ecosystem and Accelerate the Deployment of Next Gen Optical I/O

Mar 6, 2023 | Blog

Kee Propstra

Kees Propstra

VP Marketing and GM
Quantifi Photonics USA Inc.

In a recent press release Quantifi Photonics announced the Laser 1300 Series, a compact and scalable CW-WDM MSA-compliant laser test source designed to enable the CW-WDM ecosystem and accelerate the adoption of multi-wavelength technology across emerging applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC) and high-density optics.

Quantifi Photonics Laser 1301 PXIe module

Quantifi Photonics Laser 1301 PXIe module

The new Laser 1300 Series integrates Ayar Labs’ ground-breaking SuperNova™ laser technology and provides customers with a multi-port, multi-wavelength light source within a standardized PXIe module, offering synchronized triggering, a small footprint, simple integration, and Quantifi Photonics’ easy-to-use CohesionUI™ software interface. The first model to be announced, the Laser-1301, features eight channels, with eight CW-WDM MSA-compatible wavelengths.

Ayar Labs SuperNova™ Light Source

Ayar Labs SuperNova™ light source

The Laser-1301 can be paired with the company’s existing PXIe-based products to build out a complete CW-WDM8 test solution. This includes the Laser-1226 and Laser-1227 (modules with individually controllable wavelengths at the MSA grid), Passive-1024 (CW-WDM8 multiplexer), Passive-1025 (CW-WDM8 demultiplexer), and the OSA-1001 (an optical spectrum analyzer that covers the CW-WDM range).

Quantifi Photonics PXI Modules

Quantifi Photonics offers an expanding range of PXIe optical and electrical test modules

The CW-WDM MSA was founded to foster cooperation among industry partners and delivered the first specification of a multi-wavelength, multi-channel laser source. Thanks to this initiative the industry is now ready to advance to the next level and is dependent on industry partners such as Ayar Labs and Quantifi Photonics to bring unique solutions to the marketplace that can act as a catalyst for optical interconnect technologies.

“Quantifi Photonics has laser-sharp focus (pun intended) to accelerate the development and deployment of next generation optical interconnect technology. It has a broad selection of photonics test instruments to support the Photonics IC manufacturing stages from wafer to packaged product, as well as the full product life cycle from R&D to mass production, and deployment.” says Kees Propstra, Vice President Marketing and General Manager Quantifi Photonics USA.  “A CW-WDM MSA compliant multi-wavelength, multi-channel laser test source enables the testing of equipment that relies on an external light source (ELS), such as the very popular Co-Packaged Optics and In-Package Optics implementations of next gen optical interconnects, and thus accelerates the development, manufacturing, and deployment of these technologies.”

Quantifi Photonics Test Evolution

Below are some resources that provide valuable information about Quantifi Photonics’ approach and the industry’s evolution in general.

Quantifi Photonics White Paper: Testing Strategies for Next Generation Optical Interconnects such as Co-Packaged Optics & Integrated Photonics: https://www.quantifiphotonics.com/testing-strategies-for-next-generation-optical-interconnects/

Recent COBO webinar: Challenges and Strategies for high volume manufacturing and testing of Co-Packaged Optics: https://www.onboardoptics.org/cobo-presentations

About Quantifi Photonics

Quantifi Photonics specializes in the testing of silicon photonics, co-packaged optics and pluggable optics for hyper-scale data centers, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. It offers an extensive portfolio of general-purpose photonic test solutions including lasers, optical spectrum analyzers, power meters, polarization controllers and bit-error-rate testers that can be configured to test a wide variety of photonic devices.