TeraPHY: An O-band WDM Electro-optic Platform for Low Power, Terabit/s Optical I/O

Jun 18, 2020

Abstract – We demonstrate an electro-optic platform enabling a direct optical I/O interface in an ASIC package. The 5.5×8.9mm 2 chiplet uses the Advanced Interface Bus (AIB), a parallel digital interface, to communicate to a host ASIC and integrates high-speed digital/analog circuits, optical modulators, photodetectors, and waveguides. Transmitters and receivers demonstrate data-rates up to 25Gbps at 4.9pJ/bit (Tx+Rx) and <10 -12 BER error free operation. We show a 32-channel, 512Gbps aggregate (across 4 Tx ports) wavelength-division multiplexed (WDM) transmit demonstration from a TeraPHY chiplet, running at 16Gbps per wavelength and 8 simultaneous wavelengths per port.